Direct Debit

The group's preferred method of payment for Subs and Events is Direct Debit, set up via the Online Scout Manager (OSM) system and GoCardless. Please use the link in the email you should have received to access and register with OSM and set up payments. Once registered you can review upcoming payments for subs and events as well as updating your details.
  • If you are already signed up for Direct Debit payments, then you don't need to do anything; you will receive an email when payment is about to be taken on the due date.
  • If you used the one off “Pay Now” option when making your payment last term, then you will NOT be automatically charged this term and will need to make another payment or set up a subscription.
  • If your child has recently joined the group or moved sections this term then you will need to set up a new subscription. Any Direct Debit for the old section will not transfer and will be cancelled. You will receive an email requesting you set up a new Direct Debit.
  • Events and Subs are kept separate so you will need to set up two direct debits.

Credit / Debit Card

We are able to take Credit and Debit Card payments either online or in person.  Please use the link below or in the site header to access our web store.

If you wish to make a physical card payment, please let your leader or the group treasurer know so that we can arrange for our terminal to be available at the scout hut.

We can also accept payments via PayPal.  If you use the link below to make a payment then please add a note including the name and section of the scout that it relates to.

Other payment methods

Payment is still available via bank transfer, cash or cheque.  Our bank details can be found on the payment information sheet attached the subs email that is sent out each term.  

Please make sure the name of the Scout and section that the payment is for can be identified by using an appropriate reference for bank transfers, writing on the back of cheques, or providing cash in a sealed envelope. Please return payments promptly to your Section Leader.